How to raise a japanese weasel?

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More and more widespread, the japanese weasel is a small pet very appreciated. Lively and playful, this little mammal is easily tamed and is very eager to be cuddled. 

However, owning a japanese weasel is not easy and you must be prepared to face several inconveniences when your new companion arrives!

Japanese Weasels are small mammals that live for about ten years: acquiring a japanese weasel means committing to caring for and training it.

Japanese Weasels are very easy to train: educating your japanese weasel is essential to raising him in good conditions.

 Knowing your japanese weasel

Despite their appearance, japanese weasels are nothing like small rodents. They are very playful and cannot stand to be locked up in a cage all the time. Adopting a japanese weasel means being willing to let it roam freely in your home, knowing that your furniture will not be safe from its claws!

Independent, it remains cuddly and requires much more attention than a cat. Like the dog, it will tend to follow you everywhere: be careful not to let it go out without supervision! Although playful, he remains a heavy sleeper and will sleep about 20 hours a day, under blankets, carpets, or anywhere where he can feel warmth.

The japanese weasel cage should be spacious and have several levels. Don’t forget to put in its food bowl, its water bottle and its litter box.

Like cats and dogs, japanese weasels require regular visits to the veterinarian as well as vaccinations.

Feeding a japanese weasel

The japanese weasel’s diet consists of kibble, meat or eggs. Fish, fiber, sugar, milk or wet food such as mash are not recommended for japanese weasels as they can make them sick.

Training your japanese weasel

 Give him a name from the start and call him by his name to teach him to recognize him quickly. A litter box will be necessary so that he can relieve himself: the japanese weasel becomes clean very quickly even if he sometimes forgets to do so.

To facilitate his education, adopt him at about 2 months: he will adapt quickly to your lifestyle.

If he bites, don’t show any sign of violence! A japanese weasel is trained like a cat or a dog! Grab him by the scruff of the neck and firmly say “No” and ignore him for a while to make him understand his mistake.